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R. P. Rabine Equipment sells many brands and type's of pumps. Here is a brief description of each type and what they are used for. Follow links for brand information

High Pressure Pumps

Positive Displacement - High pressure up to 5000psi with flow rates of 1-60gpm. Plunger or piston in direct drive and belt drive. Diesel, gas, electric or Hydraulic drive.
Common used on power washers, steam cleaners, misting coolers, deep well injection, chemical metered injection and in plant cleaning systems.
Giant pump p300 direct drive UDOR car wash pump
Ultra High Psi - Pressures up to 50,000psi with flow rates up to 150gpm. Plunger pumps at the leading edge of technology used for hydro demolition, deep well injection, surface preparation, ship cleaning and cutting applications.
Giant pump xp series, ultra high pressure

Low PSI Pumps

Centrifugal - Low pressure up to 100psi, flow rates to 1000gpm. Diesel, gas and electric drive. Plastic, cast iron and brass construction.
Used for de-watering, flood control, sump drainage, waste and fluid transfer.
Hypro centrifugal pump Sprinkler pump, centrifugal, transfer

Medium PSI Pumps

Agriculture - wide variety of flow rates with middle pressures up to 500psi. Pumps used around the farm and garden include vane pumps, roller pumps and diaphram pumps.
User range from dust control, insecticide and pesticide application, planting, watering, and humidity control.
Diaphram pump, Hypro, Comet roller pump, hypro