Service and Repair

Repairs and Service

           Lets face it sooner or later your pressure washer, steam cleaner, carpet cleaner or pump is going to break down and need service. R.P Rabine Equipment Company offers you two choices. The majority of our industrial repairs are done out of our service truck on site where the unit is located. This saves you the cost of disconnecting and driving to out shop twice, once for delivery and again for pick up. An added benefit is our service technician will see your location and environment that may have contributed to the break down to start with. Things like small extension cords, bad fuel storage and such often contribute to poor performance.
           Of course Contract cleaners with mobile truck mounted equipment and small cold water units don t need us to drive to them. These units are repaired in our shop at 46735 Jefferson, Chesterfield, Mi., 48047. Call to make an appointment. (586)949-3320

In Plant Service at your location

Service truck
       Our service vehicle is well stocked with parts for most major brands. Response time is usually less than 36 hours first come first serviced but I wont lie OUR UNITS come 1st. Thats just a perk for supporting R.P. Rabine Equipment Co. Inc by buying from us.
         Good news is machines bought from us based on our recommendation and operator training break down way less then cheaper direct units sold by gold chain wearing salesmen. So give us a call and we'll get out to you as fast as possible. 586-949-3320

Our Shop Repairs

Our showroom Our Store and service garage, could we have a better location and new building? Sure but I was BORN here (and my father was already in business) so we happily stay. Easy access off I-94 at 21 mile road, 1 mile North of Selfridge Air National Guard base. Thats just 30 minutes from Port Huron, Detroit or Pontiac. The jets that fly over from Selfridge ANG like the sound of freedom in my ears.
street view of store front and repair garage

Carpet Cleaners

        Carpet extraction units are basicallyjust 500psi pressure washers with a powerful vacuum blower attached. Thats why %20 of our repair work is done on professional TRUCK MOUNT carpet units, both PTO drive and skid mount. Chemical feed pulse pump troubles are our specialty.