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Medium Pressure Pumps

    Medium pressure pumps are just that capable of more than the 100 psi or so a centrifugal transfer pump can handle and unable to put out the thousands of pounds of pressure of a positive displacement plunger pump. However they do share more with high pressure pumps than low. Typically they are positive displacement or limited slip and may be diaphragm, gear or piston type and may have valves.
      Many applications like insect control,oil burner, filter cleaning, low psi injection, chemical feed and metered transfer can benefit from this large field of pumps.


Hypro diaphram pump Hypro pump product index Hypro roller pump
Diaphram pump Roller pump


Gorman-Rupp, American Machine tool, AMT, IPC fire fighting pump AMT, IPC, Gorman-Rupp pump company, diaphram and centrifugal pump
AMT a division of Gorman-Rupp, Fire pump

Cat Carpet extractor pump 800 psi Suntec oil burner fuel pump, A2VA
Cat pump carpet cleaner pump Suntec oil burner pump