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High Pressure Positive Displacement Pumps

    Positive displacement pumps are just that. For every revolution of the shaft each cylinder or chamber displaces a certain amount of water based on bore and stroke. Directed by valves this water must go somewhere or the pump will be damaged. 

    Due to these characteristics, systems must be carefully designed with safety relief and unloader or by-pass valves carefully adjusted.
 Common uses are pressure washers, deep well injection, chemical injection and high pressure coolant for machine tools. 

               Cat pump, the pump with nine lives, SF, DX, CP,                             

        Cat pumps is perhaps the finest pump made. Their slogan "The Pump with Nine Lives" is true.  Primarily because of the superior materials used in their triplex piston and plunger pumps. Crankcase and valve seat life make up for higher cost of Cat pumps. Over 40 years in the market they offer a full line of accessories, pumps and valves. Belt and direct drive.

triplex plunger pump with optional chemical pulse pmpCat 2SF pump, direct driveCat piston pump, 290, 333, 430, 620, 820, 1010Cat CO2 pump2SF direct drive pump

Comet pump logo

    Comet Pump is the relative newcomer in the American market. Their value for the dollar has given them ever increasing market share. You can "Count on Comet Quality".

LDW electric flange              comet FW pump                  comet AXD comsumer pump

Giant pump company     GIANT pumps German quality roots have served them well. From the small GX and HR series followed by the P200, P300 and P400 series for homeowner and pressure washer use up to the SP, LP, MP and GP Industrial pumps. A complete line of accessories include nozzles, unloader valves, pulsator valves, Lances, Guns, Chemical injectors and Safety valves and controls 


Giant MP pump P200, P300, P400 direct drive pumpGX, HR series comsumer pumpGIANT GP7145 pump

Annovi Reverberi Pumps SPA   Annovi Reverberi is a division of the Italian A/R SPA company the world largest privately owned company of triplex pumps. Serving the residential, commercial and industrial markets. Pumps for pressure washers, car wash, misting & cooling, carpet cleaning and reverse osmosis.

XJV pump, residential, homeownerRTF high volume pumpCW car wash pump, rkv, xmv power washRSV commercial duty pump

General Pump Compant, TS, TT, TP        GENERAL PUMP since 1982 along with parent company INTERPUMP has been a world leader in development. Located in Minnesota their large manufacturing and distribution center caters to all markets in need of  quality high pressure pumps and accessories.


duplex pump              TS2021, TS1011           TXI gas flange pump

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