Waste Water Managment

       Waste Water Treatment  and Management

     Waste Water created by runoff or sump and drain pits in wash bays is an increasing problem to pressure washer contractors and plants. The EPA and local ordinances are increasing annually requiring treatment of this waste water. In its simplest form wash water must be captured without run off to the storm sewer and hauled away to be treated to remove oils, solids and solvents before discharging.

     One option for permanent wash bays is a reclaim system that treats the water and store it for reuse in the wash system. This requires more complex systems using ozone generators, charcoal filtering, coalescing filters, water oil separators and more.

    Oil absorbant booms, pigs and pads sold in conjungtion with water dams and portable wash pads give portable cleaners and factories the polution runnoff control needed for any containment need.     

This necessary evil is for the good of our planet and technology is changing annually.   Call R. P. Rabine Equipment for information or service of you Evaporator, Reclaim system or oil separator.

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(note many more methods and brands are available call for details)

Mi-T-M oil water seperator Mi-T-M waste treatment wastewater and pressure washers Mi-T-M Water recaim system for point filtering of waste water

Water oil separator

MTM water recaim system, water oil seperator coalesing




Evaporator, oil waster coalescing
Whitco logo Parts Washer, Aqueous


Aqueous Parts Washer

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